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Harnessing Youth Volunteers as Literacy Leaders (HYVALL)

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Non profit

With some schools only devoting 15 -30% of school hours in actual learning, time spent reading both during and after school class hours is minimal--and without additional pay or incentives many teachers are unwilling to devote additional hours to tutoring students. 90% of Senegal’s schools lack libraries or reading rooms. Low-income families have sporadic or no after-school supervision to encourage children’s practice of reading, while better off children spend after-school time playing computer/video games.

This project aims to generate a passion to read - not just inside the classroom, but also in children’s daily lives. The project pilots the Read Right Now! reading strategy, which includes twice a week 45 minute long reading sessions after school to improve strudents reading skills and develop Youth Literacy Leaders (YLLs). The theory of change is that youth literacy leaders can facilitate extracurricular activities for children that will result in reading gains, reinforce school-based reading efforts, and infuse enthusiasm for reading support among families and communities.

Project Reach
1,130 children have benefited from this program. Ten youth were trained as master trainers, and 120 volunteers were recruited from local community-based organizations and trained on how to plan for and conduct reading sessions in the reading centers.

Education Development Center, Inc.
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