ACR GCD awardees to participate in 2023 GEM Report consultation

Awardees to provide feedback and evidence on the role of technology in addressing education challenges

ACR GCD awardees to participate in 2023 GEM Report consultation

Image of a girl with headphones; announcing the 2023 GEM Report Consultation convened by All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for DevelopmentThe Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report and All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD) are hosting a closed consultation event for ACR GCD awardees on May 19 to collect feedback on and evidence for the 2023 GEM Report concept note, which focuses on the role technology plays in education, including learnings during the COVID pandemic for a post-pandemic world. 

Established in 2002, the GEM Report is an editorially independent report, hosted and published by UNESCO. It monitors and reports on the progress on education in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with particular reference to the SDG4 monitoring framework and the implementation of national and international strategies to help hold all relevant partners to account for their commitments as part of the overall SDG follow-up and review process. The annual GEM Report analyzes multiple sources of data to provide a macro view of education issues and serves as a vital resource for decision makers to inform actions on inclusive and equitable quality education at national, regional and global levels.

In the concept note for the 2023 GEM Report, UNESCO notes that technology’s capabilities offer tools to overcome inequalities along two key dimensions: reaching disadvantaged populations and ensuring content reaches all learners in more engaging and cheaper formats.

During the consultation, ACR GCD will focus on what we know about the role of technology in addressing education challenges identified with respect to access, equity and inclusion through the experience of our innovators. In particular, we will ask: 

  • How can technology be used to provide education to all hard to reach learners, particularly learners with disabilities and special education needs, remote learners, children in emergency contexts, and girls? 
  • How can more knowledge reach more learners in more attractive and cheaper formats, particularly through the use of free and open digital content, reducing the costs of content development and production while increasing quality, and high-quality accessible book production?

A recording of the event will be available afterwards, along with a report, which will be released later in the summer. 

We are excited to convene this gathering of our innovators, who are leading the way in implementing and testing ground-breaking EdTech to support learners– including those from disadvantaged groups–and harness the power of a Grand Challenge to do more together than any one of us could do alone. 

If you are an ACR GCD awardee or have implemented an ACR GCD-funded solution and would like to take part in the consultation, register by Tuesday, May 17.

Learn more about the GEM Report, additional consultation events and how you can take part in their online consultation. If you are an ACR GCD awardee  Read our blog post on the World Education Blog.