Advancing EdTech innovation and research to improve reading outcomes for marginalized children in low-resource contexts.

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Advancing EdTech solutions to increase child literacy can help reduce poverty

The ability to read plays a crucial role in children’s opportunity to attend and complete their education, which is a proven driver in reducing poverty

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Our Impact

Children reached with early grade reading materials and approaches

Learning materials distributed

Languages (spoken or signed) for which reading content was developed

We source and test solutions that address barriers to child literacy in three key areas:

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You can be part of the solution for the 387 million children globally waiting for the opportunity to learn to read.

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Research & Resources

Our hub of edtech research, toolkits and other resources helps you choose the best solutions and approaches for improving child literacy.

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Innovators & Solutions

Our community of 80+ innovators offers creative edtech solutions for child literacy that can be adapted for other languages or contexts.

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