Advancing EdTech innovation and research to improve reading outcomes for marginalized children in low-resource contexts.

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Find impactful, free and opensource solutions, guides and toolkits to improve reading outcomes for children in low-resource contexts–and in depth research on their impact.

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Explore dozens of impactful innovations and approaches that can be used or adapted to improve reading outcomes for children in low-resource contexts.

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A hub of guides, toolkits and more, curated to help you make informed decisions about the best solutions for improving child literacy in low-resource contexts.

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Explore ACR GCD’s in-depth research on the impact of EdTech solutions on improving reading outcomes for children in low-resource contexts.

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Children reached with early grade reading materials and approaches

Learning materials distributed

Languages (spoken or signed) for which reading content was developed

We source and test solutions that address barriers to child literacy in three key areas:

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EdTech Expos to showcase solutions to advance child literacy

Three closing events will support education officers, implementers and policymakers in their understanding and use of EdTech to advance equitable and inclusive early grade reading efforts.

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