ACR GCD worked with Creative, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and mEducation Alliance to produce the Leveraging Technology for Education of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons series, which provides three modules with guidelines and findings related to the innovative use of technology to expand education opportunities in various locations including Jordan, Kenya, Pakistan, Lebanon and South Sudan.

  • Context for Leveraging ICT4E Module: includes a big picture view, four case studies, and guiding principles for policymakers, program and technology designers, field partners and donors.
  • Challenges and Opportunities Module: addresses the range of contexts for displacement, the complex matrix of factors and decisions that motivate learners to attend school, how ICT and blended learning can mitigate many problems of education in refugee camps, the growth of access to smart technologies and mobile broadband, pressing needs and challenges, the importance of blended programs and more.
  • Designing Effective ICT Initiatives Module: outlines framework, guidelines and examples, including key questions around program goals, addressing the root cause of the problem, the importance of planning and collaborating with refugees and the local community, planning for continuity and contextualizing technology.